2017 Silver Slugger Award Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Gold Glove Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their teams. A vote is cast for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Chuck Erickson Somerville Alibrandis 3
Billy Uberti Brighton Braves 2
Richie DiMartino McKay Club 2
Angelo Colucci Stoneham Sabers 2
Jon Argetsinger Malden Maddogs 2
Luke Bakker Savin Hill Dodgers 1
Luke Bakker Savin Hill Dodgers 0
Devin Santilli Charlestown Townies 0
Dave Escehen South Boston Saints 0


Second Base

Player Team Total
Matt Levasseur Al Thomas Athletics 5
Matt Costanza McKay Club 3
Mike Oliveira East Boston Knights 2
Bobby Barrett Somerville Alibrandis 2
Andre Souffrant Charlestown Townies 0
Vicor Oppenheimer South Boston Saints 0


Third Base

Player Team Total
Andrew Lindquist Brighton Braves 4
James Katsiroubas Al Thomas Athletics 2
Ted Downing South Boston Saints 2
Miguel Calderon South End Astros 2
Kenny Polanco East Boston Knights 1
Tommy Lenane Stoneham Sabers 1
Will Baker Brighton Black Sox 0



Player Team Total
Jose Toussen South End Astros 5
PJ McDonald Malden Maddogs 3
Ryan Petrone Revere Rockies 3
Derek Pizarro Stoneham Sabers 1



Player Team Total
Tony Iafolla Revere Rockies 9
Dionys Quezada Stoneham Sabers 3
Alex Joyce Brighton Braves 0
Jaime Roldan South End Astros 0



Player Team Total
Freddi Carrera Al Thomas Athletics 9
Juan Parra Somerville Alibrandis 9
Mike Maguire Somerville Alibrandis 5
George Gonzalez Charlestown Townies 3
Alex Wong Revere Rockies 2
Ryan O’Connor Charlestown Townies 2
Kevin Foley McKay Club 2
Evan Torres South End Astros 2
Peter Maltzan Malden Maddens 1
Chris Santosuosso Revere Rockies 1
Chris DeGiacamo Al Thomas Athletics 0
Pat Yee Savin Hill Dodgers 6
Ethan Harris Savin Hill Dodgers 0



Player Team Total
Mike Smith Brighton Braves 12


Designated Hitter

Player Team Total
Will Cousins Brighton Black Sox 5
Kenny Luongo East Boston Knights 7

Note:While Luongo received more votes than Cousins, Luongo was identified by his manager as being a first baseman and was nominated for a Gold Glove as a first baseman. Since his primary position was identified as first base, Luongo is not eligible for the Silver Slugger at DH resulting in the award being given to Cousins.