National Semi-Pro Hall of Fame

The Yakwey League has been fortunate to have members and contributors that have been inducted in the National Semi-Pro Hall of Fame.

Class of 2013

David Treska, Player/Owner, Somerville Alibrandis

Class of 2014

Mike Powers, Pitcher, Somerville Alibrandis
Kevin White, Pitcher, Somerville Alibrandis
David McKay, Coach/Owner, McKay Club
Alfred Thomas, Sponsor, Al Thomas Club
Walter Bentson, Umpire in Chief
Tony Alibrandi, Sponsor, Somerville Alibrandis

Class of 2015

Derek Bates, Pitcher, Somerville Alibrandis
Shawn Nadeau, Pitcher, Somerville Alibrandis
Joe Terrio, Coach/Owner, Brighton Black Sox
Lloyd Hill, Infielder, Al Thomas Club
Larry Hill, Outfielder, Al Thomas Club
Kevin George, Player/Manager, South Boston Saints
Steve Buckley, Boston Herald, Old Time Baseball Game

Class of 2016

Marc DesRoches, Third Base/Pitcher, Somerville Alibrandis
Joe O’Hara, Coach, Al Thomas Club
Justin Crisafulli, First Base/Outfield, Somerville Alibrandis (**)
Joe Peters, Umpire, SSUA (++)

Class of 2017

Bernie Driscoll, Coach, Somerville Alibrandis

Class of 2018

Chris Wright, Infielder, Somerville Alibrandis

Class of 2019

Rich Hill, Pitcher, Al Thomas Club

Class of 2020

Kevin Doyle, Catcher, Somerville Alibrandis

(**) Inducted as member of Andre Chiefs of Intercity League
(++) Inducted as member of Cranberry League