2018 Silver Slugger Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Gold Glove Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their teams. A vote is cast for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Richie DiMartino McKay Club Beacons 4
Jack McLaughlin Brighton Braves 3
Angelo Colucci Stoneham Sabers 1
Will Wessman South Boston Saints 1
Devin Santilli Charlestown Townies 1


Second Base

Player Team Total
Matt Costanza McKay Club 9
Kenny Polanco Revere Rockies 1
Sean Curtin Stoneham Sabers 0


Third Base

Player Team Total
Chris Hartery Revere Rockies 5
Grofi Cruz East Boston Knights 3
Cory Albanese Savin Hill Dodgers 2
Abe Grainger Stoneham Sabers 0
Nick Spyropoulos Brighton Black Sox 0



Player Team Total
Ted Downing South Boston Saints 3
Hector Coscione Brighton Braves 3
Ryan Petrone Revere Rockies 3
Justin Johnson McKay Club Beacons 2
Andre Padovani Savin Hill Dodgers 0

Note:Ted Downing wins Silver Slugger over Hector Coscione based on OPS tie breaker. Downing’s 1.140 OPS. Coscione’s 1.002 OPS.



Player Team Total
Alex Joyce Brighton Braves 8
Riley Magee East Boston Knights 2
Greg Nugent Charlestown Townies 0



Player Team Total
Ryan O’Connor Charlestown Townies 6
Ross Zamparelli Brighton Black Sox 6
Sean Ryan McKay Club Beacons 5
Alex Wong Revere Rockies 5
Tyler Ferdinand East Boston Knights 3
Paul Larocque South Boston Saints 2
Jake Beane Al Thomas A’s 2
Pat Yee Savin Hill Dodgers 1
Cosimo Ferrante Brighton Braves 0
Christian Quigley Brighton Black Sox 0
Tyler Wild Charlestown Townies 0

Note:Sean Ryan wins third Outfield Silver Slugger over Alex Wong based on OPS tiebreaker. Ryand’s 1.258 OPS. Wong’s 1.014 OPS.



Player Team Total
Zach Walker Savin Hill Dodgers 10


Designated Hitter

Player Team Total
Jon Tenney South Boston Saints 6
Jon Chapman Stoneham Sabers 3
Kenny Luongo East Boston Knights 1