2020 Gold Glove Award Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Gold Glove Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their teams. A vote is cast for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Tyler Weninger Al Thomas A’s 3
Bret Samboy East Boston Expos 2
Angelo Colucci Stoneham Sabers 1
Aaron Cornwell Brighton Braves 1
Andrew Mazzone Brighton Black Sox 1


Second Base

Player Team Total
Mike Oliveria East Boston Expos 5
Miguel Gonzalez Al Thomas A’s 2
Russ Boudreau McKay Club Beacons 1


Third Base

Player Team Total
Jimin Kang Brighton Black Sox 5
David Appelbaum Stoneham Sabers 2
Antonio Majstronov McKay Club Beacons 1



Player Team Total
Brett Julian Al Thomas A’s 3
Mike Gilarde Brighton Braves 2
Jose Paulino East Boston Expos 2
Kyle Halloran Charleston Townies 1



Player Team Total
Charlie Auditore Charlestown Townies 3
Derek Adamson East Boston Expos 1
Scott Arnold McKay Club Beacons 1
Jon Chapman Stoneham Sabers 1
Michael O’Brien Brighton Braves 1
Jaime Roldan The BASE 0



Player Team Total
Brandon Grover Charlestown Townies 6
Ben Adams Charelstown Townies 5
Steve Walsh Brighton Braves 4
Ross Zamparelli Brighton Black Sox 4
Luis Gil Stoneham Sabers 3
Brandon Guerrero Revere Rockies 2

Note:Despite being tied in voting. Steve Walsh was awarded the Gold Glove over Ross Zamparelli based on his better fielding percentage.



Player Team Total
Mark Berardo Brighton Black Sox 8