2021 Gold Glove Award Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Gold Glove Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their own team. Each team then casts one vote for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Giovanni Torres Brighton Black Sox 2
Angelo Colucci Stoneham Sabers 1
Bill Donahue Al Thomas Athletics 1
Alex Klapes Brighton Braves 1
Bernardo Prieto Dorchester Black Barons 1
Garrett Wallace East Boston Expos 1
Joe Protulis McKay Club Beacons 0


Second Base

Player Team Total
David Appelbaum Stoneham Sabers 3
Russ Boudreau McKay Club Beacons 3
Miguel Gonzalez Al Thomas A’s 2

Note:Despite being tied in voting. David Appelbaum was awarded the Gold Glove over Russell Boudreau based on his better fielding percentage.
Appelbaum (16 PO, 19 A, 0 E, 1.000 FPCT)
Boudreau (18 PO, 28 A, 1 E, .979 FPCT)
Stats provided are for second base.

Third Base

Player Team Total
Jake Hatch Brighton Black Sox 4
Nicholas Wong Dorchester Black Barons 2
Josh Doyle Stoneham Sabers 1



Player Team Total
Brett Julian Al Thomas A’s 3
Ben Isaak Brighton Braves 2
Connor Malloy Dorchester Black Barons 1
Bill Willet McKay Club Beacons 1



Player Team Total
Cole Whitehouse Brighton Black Sox 5
Sean McGivern East Boston Expos 1
Gregory Gidicsin Dorchester Black Barosn 1
Stephen Carr Brighton Braves 1



Player Team Total
Ted Schoenfeld McKay Club Beacons 7
Zach Hatfield Al Thomas Athletics 6
Izzy Tatis East Boston Expos 4
Ross Zamparelli Brighton Black Sox 4
Dylan Louviaux Stoneham Sabers 3
Steven Walsh Brighton Braves 0



Player Team Total
Ryan Obin Al Thomas Athletics 5
Will Slayne Brighton Black Sox 2