2021 Silver Slugger Award Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Silver Slugger Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their own team. Each team then casts one vote for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Bill Donahue Al Thomas Athletics 4
Giovanni Torres Brighton Black Sox 2
Bernardo Prieto Dorchester Black Barons 1


Second Base

Player Team Total
Joe Colucci Brighton Black Sox 5
Elijah Perez East Boston Expos 1
Andres Pinto Dorchester Black Barons 1
Brendon Kelley Brighton Braves 0


Third Base

Player Team Total
Jacob Perez Al Thomas Athletics 5
Kenny Polanco Stoneham Sabers 2
Marcus McAlpine McKay Club Beacons 0



Player Team Total
Matt Consigli Stoneham Sabers 5
Connor Malloy Dorchester Black Barons 1
Bill Willet McKay Club Beacons 1



Player Team Total
Cole Whitehouse Brighton Black Sox 5
Sean McGivern East Boston Expos 1
Gregory Gidicsin Dorchester Black Barons 1
Scott Arnold McKay Club Beacons 0



Player Team Total
Ethan Gofstein East Boston Expos 7
Ted Shoenfeld McKay Club Beacons 6
Zach Hatfield Al Thomas Athletics 4
Jake Beane Al Thomas Athletics 1
Dylan Louviaux Stoneham Sabers 1
Alex Parrot East Boston Expos 1
Stephen Robb Brighton Braves 1
Steve Walsh Brighton Braves 0
Ross Zamparelli Brighton Black Sox 0


Designated Hitter

Player Team Total
Alex Klapes Brighton Braves 5
Kenny Luongo Stoneham Sabers 2