2022 Gold Glove Award Voting Results

The following are the results of the voting for the league Gold Glove Awards. Each league franchise nominates players from their own team. Each team then casts one vote for a player at each position except for outfield where a vote is cast for three players.

First Base

Player Team Total
Will Baker Brighton Black Sox 2
Alex Klapes Brighton Braves 2
Nick Bonofiglio Somerville 1

Note:Despite being tied in voting. Will Baker was awarded the Gold Glove over Alex Klapes based on his better fielding percentage.
Baker (103 PO, 5 A, 3 E, .973 FPCT)
Klapes (61 PO, 7 A, 4 E, .944 FPCT)

Second Base

Player Team Total
Ben Donovan Brighton Braves 3
Russ Boudreau McKay Club Beacons 2


Third Base

Player Team Total
Ryan Bere Brighton Braves 3
Justine Makisimu Brighton Black Sox 2



Player Team Total
Brett Julian Al Thomas A’s 3
Shane Rhuda Somerville 2



Player Team Total
Cam Plank Al Thomas Athletics 2
Stephen Carr Brighton Braves 1
Ben O’Connell McKay Club Beacons 1
Kohtaro Shimada Somerville 1



Player Team Total
Zach Hatfield Al Thomas Athletics 4
Kevin Falvey Al Thomas Athletics 3
Kennan Gumbs McKay Club Beacons 3
Ismael Tatis Somerville 2
Anthony Santosuosso McKay Club Beacons 2
Steven Walsh Brighton Braves 1



Player Team Total
Richard Arms Brighton Braves 4
Shawn Nosky Brighton Black Sox 1