2022 MVP Voting Results

The following are the results for each of the Carl Yastrzemski Most Valuable Player award.

For the MVP award, each franchise nominates one player from their team as well as one player from another team. Each franchise then votes on the award from those players that receive multiple nominations.

First, second and third place votes are cast by each franchise. First place votes are worth five points. Second place votes are worth three points. Third place votes are worth one point. The winner of each award is the candidate with the most votes.

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Cam Plank Al Thomas Athletics 4 0 0 20
Justine Makisimu Brighton Black Sox 0 2 2 8
Steve Walsh Brighton Braves 1 0 3 8
Ethan Gofstein Somverville 0 1 0 3
Bill Willett McKay Club Beacons 0 1 0 3