My 50 Years In Baseball

My long and happy journey as a baseball coach began at 15 years of age. I always went to Victory Rd to watch my brother Philip McKay catch for the Dodgers in the Mill Stream Baseball League. Phil was a solid catcher and always a good athlete. I also was privileged to coach my brothers Mike and Jamie. I on the other hand was clumsy and bought my clothes at Robert Balls boys stout section.

I tried playing baseball and football in high school, but only ended up on the bench. It was my time spent on the bench that helped prepare me for an unexpected journey and life-long love of baseball.

Getting back to the Dodgers. Mr. Al Allen who was the manager and Dad of my Columbus High classmate Donny Allen asked me to help out. I kept score. Took care of pre game and eventually took over the team. I learned so much from Mr. Allen. Eventually I became President of the MSAA at 19!

Over the years I have been presented the opportunities to work with thousands of young people from around the Greater Boston area.

In 1984, my friend Buzz Buzzell and I entered a team in the Junior Park League. Eventually the JPL was named Yawkey Baseball League. Our team was always good but never good enough to win a Championship.

I was honored in 1992 to be elected President of the YBL a position I still hold. I have always been supported in this role by tremendous dedicated men who love the Game. Any success I have attained is due to them!

Last night I fulfilled a dream come true. I gimped into East Boston Stadium to open yet another chapter in my baseball saga. Working with John Moore Kevin McGovern and Jimmy Schaefer this year to develop a winning McKay Club will be a great challenge and fun.

You all know of my health setbacks and if you read this far you care! I can’t tell you how important last night was for me. I am happy and fortunate to be back on the bench doing what I love in life!

I asked a great friend John Niederberger to develop a memory for my 50th. He came up with a gem. I post it hear so all can see. This personifies my life in baseball. I may not have won many championships but —- I had fun every single moment. I love the folks who play and have played for me over the years. I hope to be able to continue this legacy for years to come!

I am not done yet!!!!!!

Dave McKay