2016 EMass Challenge Roster Announced


On Saturday, July 9, 2016, the Yawkey Baseball League All Stars will be taking on their counterparts from the Boston Park, Cranberry and InterCity Leagues at Morelli Field in Melrose, MA. The YBL boys will be playing the Cranberry League at 4:00, the winner of which moves on to the Finals to face the winner of the Park and InterCity tilt.

Listed below are the coaches and players chosen to represent the YBL and take back the trophy. Good luck!

Coaching Staff:

John Griffith – Manager (Brighton Black Sox)

Nate Laliberte – Bench Coach (Revere Rockies)

Tim Varakis – Assistant Coach (Brighton Black Sox)

John Kostas – 3rd Base Coach (Al Thomas As)

Ted Tracy – 1st Base Coach (Brighton Braves)

Anthony Perry – Bullpen Coach (Somerville Alibrandis)


Chris Dion – P (Stoneham Sabers)

Brendan Huber – P (Savin Hill Dodgers)

Matt Kerin – P (McKay Club Beacons)

Collier Laird – P (South Boston Saints)

Blain McLean – P (Malden Maddogs)

David Montiverdi – P (Stoneham Sabers)

Connor O’Brien – P (Charlestown Townies)

Lamarre Rey – P (Somerville Alibrandis)

John Skoczylas – P (McKay Club Beacons)

Mike Smith – P (Brighton Braves)

Stephano Stravoravdis – P (South Boston Saints)

Pat Shore – P (Revere Rockies)

Chris Sandini – P (Revere Rockies)


Mark Addesa – SS (Somerville Alibrandis)

Angelo Colucci – 1B (Stoneham Sabers)

Alex Criscuolo – 2B (Revere Rockies)

Apolinar De La Cruz – 1B (Brighton Black Sox)

Ted Dziuba – DH/C – (Somerville Alibrandis)

Bobby Foote – OF (Revere Rockies)

Nathan Hodor – C (Savin Hill Dodgers)

Alex Joyce – C (Brighton Braves)

Geoff Lopes – C (Malden Maddogs)

Tommy Lenane – OF (Stoneham Sabers)

Mike Maguire – OF (Somerville Alibrandis)

Peter Maltzan – OF (Malden Maddogs)

PJ McDonald – 2B (Malden Maddogs)

Jimmy Ricoy – 1B/3B (Somerville Alibrandis)

Sean Ryan – OF (McKay Club Beacons)

James Whittle – INF (Savin Hill Dodgers)

Pat Yee – OF (Savin Hill Dodgers)

Adam Del Rio – SS (Revere Rockies)

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