The 100 Inning Game for ALS – 2015

100 innings


12th annual 100 Inning Baseball Game – SAT & SUN, October 10th & 11th – Adams Field, Quincy, MA

Yes, we want to continue the madness started in 2004 by Brett Rudy & Mike Lembo.  This is our 12th consecutive year of our 100 inning game, which by itself has raised more than $650,000 for various ALS charities.  We are partnering again in 2015 with the Angel Fund and Dr. Robert Brown of UMass Medical Center so he and his staff can continue their outstanding work at the Cecil B. Day Laboratory for Neuromuscular Research.

Back will be most of the 10 players who have played all 100 innings of the 11 previous games as well as several players from all the leagues around metro Boston.

The umpires from the MBUA will again be officiating our 30+ hour game, that’s fifteen 6 man crews every 2 hours!! I’ll attempt to umpire a few batters behind the plate at midnight like I have the past several years.

For a complete history of all 11 previous games click here.      

Please strongly consider a donation to the Angel Fund so we can continue the unbelievable momentum created by last years Ice Bucket Challenge which so many of you participated.  We’re getting closer to a cure but we still need your help. I’ve created a firstgiving page for this event with the online link below.  Hope to see you at Adams Field.  Thank you.

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