2017 YBL Partnerships formed

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Gryphon bats has once again stepped up to the plate to serve as a partner with the Yawkey League.  Last year Gryphon bats owner, former United States Marine and YBL Alum donated $400 to the YBL from sales to Yawkey League teams and players.  This year he promises 5% of sales will go back to the league and he will personally match it out of his own bank account.  If that isn’t someone who supports the YBL, then I don’t know who is.  Please take a look at http://www.gryphonbat.com/ for all of your batting needs.  With the YBL and Gryphon Bats partnership, everybody wins!!!  ALL YBLers receive 20% off on all purchases from Gryphon Bats…order today!!!

We thank the Freeport Tavern for many years of service.  The Tavern has hosted every Yawkey League meeting in recent memory before closing its doors this past January.  Former YBL Board Member and future YBL Hall of Famer, Pete Lankarge, recently came through for us big time.  Devlins has announced that our meetings can be held there on the first Tuesday of every month for the foreseeable future.

Also partnering with the YBL is Extra Innings in Watertown.  Current Brighton Brave and EI-Watertown franchise owner, Jack McLaughlin recently made me aware of many deals and discounts that he now has available for YBL teams and players.  Please take a look below and call EI-Watertown to learn more…(617) 860-2361.

$55/90 min
TUNNEL SPECIAL: If after 9pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, $25/Hour. Now through – end of March
Pro Shop:
15% off entire pro shop
Discounts on Team Orders (Uniforms, Hats, Baseballs, Apparel, etc.)

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